No sport
Everybody says that doing sport or some physical activity is very good for your health and so on… Yeah, I agree but sometimes it can be even bad to do this kind of activities :D. I have recently found some funny GIFs about the sport activities and troubles that can happen while doing them. The only thing I can say is jus LOL or LMFAO!!! I like all of them but I think the best one is that with a cat, check it out and please, one recommendation, do not do sit-ups directly under the TV when you have any pet at home :P.

Also the man trying to do skateboarding is very funny, in the beginning it looked like nothing but then he lost his balance and he almost destroyed the car nearby :P.
Back machine
Something similar happened once to me when I was in the gym. It was a new place for me and I didn´t know the machines well. I was going to work out on the back machine so I sat down and I wanted to remove some weight. I released the weights and the iron holder fell down directly onto my head…I just caught it a bit with my hand by reflex so the hit was not so strong but anyway, it must have looked very funny :P. The problem was that the gym where I used to go before had different system, even after releasing all the weights, the iron holder still remained up.. Since that moment, every time I release the weights (even when I already know the gym and I know it is okay, I just raise my hand above my head, you know, just for case, man never knows :)).
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