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first tip

Maybe you just need a free translation
If you only need to have a general idea of the content of a text which is of little consequence to you, it could be very useful to use online free translations. You can go here, it's free of charge.
However, if you wish to offer a good image, the translation must be done by good specialists. With respect to the translation, if the contents of the text could have consequences for you or you need an accurate translation, look for a good specialist, because problems due to an inaccurate translation could eventually arise. To select him or her, you should consider the following aspects, which will determine the quality of the translation.

Select a native translator
Usually only a native translator in the target language can do a perfect job. For example, if you want to translate a text into Spanish, the translator's mother tongue should be Spanish, since every language has many nuances which only a native speaker knows well.

second tip
third tip

Verify that the translator is a specialist in the specific field of the translation
Every field is very complex and only a specialist knows the specific word to be used in every text and every context. Check the specialities of every agency or translator. The best translator is frequently the one having worked previously as a specialist in the field of the translation. For example, the best translator of a legal text is a lawyer and the best translator of a text on cardiology is a cardiologist.

Check if the translation agency has strict quality procedures
The procedures should include revisions, in order to avoid style, spelling and typographic mistakes.

fourth tip
fifth tip

Test the translation agency
Before you order a large translation, it's better to send to the translator a piece of the translation (hundreds of words) in order to check the quality. If the quality is good you can give him the rest of the project. On the contrary you should find another supplier.